End of Day – When an assignment is completed, you are requested to leave notes on what work has been covered in the absence of the regular teacher - the school may have a form for you to complete. You are expected to leave the classroom in a tidy condition. Before leaving the school, you must ensure that all pupils under your care have left the school safely complete with their belongings. This is especially important in the case of younger children, who must not be left unattended.

Timesheets – To ensure that you are paid on time, we urge you to ensure that you complete your online timesheets each Friday by 4pm.

Collaboration with Schools

At Search4Teachers we collaborate with schools to ensure that all our staff members are treated fairly and are comfortable in their teaching environment. As such we ask schools to assist in the following:

• make every effort to make the Search4Teachers staff member feel valued and accepted

• make sure that the Search4Teachers staff member is properly briefed, especially on health and safety and fire evacuation procedures, personal and professional facilities, the timing of the school day, and on rewards and sanctions

• provide details of activities or work set for each class. In the absence of work being set, on the abilities and character of each class would also be helpful

• support the Search4Teachers staff member in disciplinary matters and provide feedback on action taken following such referrals. Treat Search4Teachers staff members no less favourably than permanent staff in matters such as duties, marking and preparation time and access to reprographic facilities, consumable stock and telephones

• confirm timesheets promptly

• complete and return our assessment report on completion of the contract

• report any problems or shortcomings to us immediately in order that we might rectify matters promptly

Protection in the Classroom

Physical punishment is illegal in the UK so you must never hit, slap or strike a pupil. You must also avoid making physical contact with pupils. If you believe a pupil is likely to cause harm to him/herself, to others or to seriously damage property, then you may apply some physical restraint. You may only do this if you are convinced the pupil will not respond to verbal commands. All serious disciplinary matters must be reported to a senior member of staff.

If an allegation of inappropriate physical contact is made, you will be immediately suspended. This does not mean that the school or Search4Teachers assume you are guilty, but is standard procedure. A formal investigation will take place into the allegation.

When you start at a new school make sure you are given a copy of the school’s ‘Behaviour Policy’ which will outline the steps that need to be taken when dealing with disruptive pupils. You may find it useful to ask your senior manager if there are pupils who are known to be difficult and ask for advice on dealing with them.

Trade Unions

All teachers are strongly advised to join a trade union. Unions protect the conditions of work and rights of teachers and are increasingly offering a range of free services to support their members.

Equal Opportunities

Schools are often sociologically complex and multi-cultural. Sensitivity to this is key to success in teaching. Search4Teachers is an Equal Opportunities Employment Agency and Employment Business. We welcome applicants regardless of their sex, race, colour, class, religion, culture, political convictions, marital status, membership or non-membership of a Trade Union, age, national or ethnic origin, or disability.

Equal opportunities policies vary across schools and education authorities. Schools should provide the staff on arrival with such information as it sees fit. Search4Teachers teachers should have an awareness of equal opportunity issues, including the integration of children with a statement of special needs, where such policies have been adopted by schools and local education authorities.

All Search4Teachers teachers are expected to observe and implement the equal opportunities policies and practices of the school to which they are assigned in accordance with the Search4Teachers Code of Conduct.


It is unlikely that you will be the subject of a complaint, but if you are, Search4Teachers has an efficient and fair way of dealing with the situation. In your best interest, understand that any complaint must be taken seriously and investigated fully.

Complaints are categorised in four areas:

• concern that your classroom style is not appropriate to the school

• poor classroom management skills and/or failure to set appropriate work

• unprofessional conduct such as making critical comments about staff to pupils

• serious inappropriate behaviour; this covers all allegations of physical and/or sexual assault

If a school reports an incident to us we make sure we know both sides of the story. If the complaint is about your teaching style then we will do all we can to help you resolve your problems. You are always welcome to discuss any complaint and in certain circumstances it may be appropriate to arrange a meeting between the head teacher, yourself and a Search4Teachers representative. 

Health and Safety

Once in a school you are responsible, as far as is reasonably practicable, for your own and the health and safety of your pupils. Every school will have members of staff with first aid expertise and you must make sure you know what the schools health and safety procedures are.

You must also check if any of your pupils have specific medical problems such as epilepsy or diabetes. Any accident must be reported to a senior member of staff and you must be familiar with the schools fire drill and evacuation procedures.

When on school-led visits, teachers must do their best to ensure the health and safety of everyone in the group. They should:

• follow the instructions of the group leader and help with control and discipline

• consider stopping the visit or the activity and notifying the group leader, if they think the risk to the health or safety of the pupils in their charge is unacceptable

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